Brief Media

Clinician's Brief is the foremost peer reviewed journal for veterinarians. I designed and implemented redesigns for the entire site, as well as its sister site, Veterinary Team Brief.
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The navigation is designed to be immediately understood and not distract from the reading or browsing experience of the site. The lower half only appears on article pages to provide sharing and saving features.

The Clinician's Brief site has been selected as a finalist for two Folio: Ozzie design awards. Two articles have been selected as finalists for a Folio: Eddie award.

EVO Athletics

EVO and Company is a new clothing brand for active people. This project features branding, front-end web design, and development work.
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I created a dark mode toggle for users desiring a high-contrast experience. It is usable for anyone and adds a much better experience for users with impaired vision.

The project is off to a great start. The site is expanding quickly to fit the evolving needs of the company.

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